Service Quality & Process Optimization

The most effective tool for improving service quality in any business. Consolidating real-time tracking of operational excellence activities and guest satisfaction Qtx is actionable and relevant for any service business.

Business Intelligence For Every Spa

Real-time KPI tracking for spa operations with Real-time industry analytics.

Custom Built Performance Solutions

Integrating our expertise in driving performance together with our technology partners, we love the challenge of building high yielding operational tools for service driven businesses.


The QTX primary objective is to help hotels build a direct link between core values and the teams that carry them out each day. With accessible yet robust technology, QTX is a complete solution for optimizing service quality within a hotel.



Motion creates Emotion. In a Hotel, this is a critical concept. The only way to differentiate your service actions from competitors is to consistently take action that is linked directly to your company’s core values. QTX Perform is built to serve this purpose. A flexible, fully serviced technology that allows a hotel team to customize questions that represent the values and beliefs that set them apart. With unlimited testing capabilities, QTX Perform acts as a catalyst for hotels in creating powerful, effortless action that is tracked in real-time and organized to clearly and dynamically evaluate a teams strengths and weaknesses.



If you are frustrated that Mystery Shopping programmes don’t actually work for you Hotel, you are not alone. We believe hotels should craft their service experience in line with their core values. We believe each operation should have the flexibility to deliver the standards important to them. We believe mystery shopping should be done much more frequently and that it is a learning process, NOT a judgement. QTX Qualify is a platform that enables a Hotel to craft the service experience in a way that represent them exactly as they wish, offering the ability to conduct unlimited mystery shops. Options to self organize evaluations, or access our qualified shopper database allows a hotel to create a Mystery Shopping strategy that actually works.



Studies show that a bad survey experience can negatively impact overall satisfaction by up to 15%. We have learned that Guests do not want to relive their hotel experience within a survey, even if it was an exceptional stay. It just adds unnecessary work. However, when a Guest is given the opportunity to take ownership over their feedback, the quality of response becomes stronger and the Guest can actually develop further loyalty after they have left a Hotel. QTX Connect is a multi-model, real-time survey platform that invites Guests to provided targeted feedback in a concise, timely environment. Results are instant and operational teams at all levels can immediately view analysis, share or respond to feedback and take corrective action. Enabling teams to take ownership over Guest experiences.


An intuitive booking platform that leads to 30+ real time Key Performance Indicators for your spa. Our goal is to connect spa leaders with decisions that drive their business to immediate performance improvement.

Real Time KPI’s

30+ Real Time KPI’s for every spa leader to manage their business

Intuitive Booking Engine

Clear and comprehensive booking platform that includes incremental revenue drivers

Live Dashboard

A daily KPI pulse check to clearly understand how to improve the days performance

Online Booking

Direct, online booking capabilities for every spa Guest

Mobile App

IOS and Android Apps for all Hotel / Spa colleagues to make bookings and support spa business.


There are often situations where businesses are not able to utilize the solutions on the market. Due to security or operational requirements, the need for rapid adjustments and improvements in functionality or perhaps long-term economical reasons. An ideal solution may be to custom build a product that meets the specific needs of your business and brand.

Our specialty is understanding the exact user experience required and asking the best possible questions so that you can create the product you want for your team. We have both the experience and the bandwidth to accomplish this.

Accor Spalytics

A custom built solution for Accor Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, featuring real-time tracking of business KPI’s to enable stronger communication of performance strategies between hotel spa leaders with corporate and regional stakeholders.

Gaming Patron Feedback Solution

A performance based feedback system, built for the gaming industry to assist accurate and timely feedback from VIP players to operational leaders. This resulted in effective understanding of players’ needs as well as challenges and recovery activity.


A global spa operation within multiple high volume hotels and cruise ships with a heavy focus on retail and treatment production analytics. Xin Performance created a custom solution to implement ESPA requriements for system adoption and data analysis.