A Message from our Founder

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At Xin Performance, our goal is to support Hotels and Integrated Casino resorts establish and optimise the building blocks for operational success. Having worked in hotels for over 15 years, we understand the complexities and the positive challenges that a multi-cultural, service driven operation entails. We dedicate ourselves in providing intelligent insight, the best possible technology tools, together with meaningful education through real-life case studies and our Xin Academy. Everything on offer at Xin Performance is centered around our core objective to connect each person in your Hotel or Resort to values that you uphold. Business values must translate into an operational habit. Our team, with our products will strive to ensure you are successful in living this out everyday.

Please send us a note through our connect form for any questions you may have. We are keen to learn about your goals.

Thank you for your time. We hope to have the privilege of joining your journey.


Faheem Ebrahim

Our Core Values

The key drivers behind our company

Nurturing growth with high performance applications

We choose to be involved in the full journey of client discovery.

Specializing in the development and sustainability of habits

A service driven approach in supporting our customers

Ensuring initiatives are measured and managed with a growth mindset

Our People

A team rich with culture and diversity

Hong Kong - Headquarters

This is our hometown and where we stem from. Though we are now spread through multiple countries, this is where it all began for us.

Thailand - Operations & Sales

The Land of Smiles is where we host our core operations.

Philippines - Client Support

Our skilled support crew provides our clients with round the clock support. They love to extend a helping hand.

India - Technology

Our team of skilled engineers who keep the Xin Performance engine running are based in Indore, India's cleanest city